OTTAWA – The Canadian Federation of Students (the Federation), supports commitments announced by Annamie Paul, leader of the Green Party of Canada (GPC), to prioritize the implementation of universal, barrier-free post-secondary education and student debt forgiveness for individuals across Canada.

The announcement comes after students met with elected officials to advocate for immediate support for students and grads through a Just Recovery for Students during the Federation’s national lobby week earlier this year.

“High-quality, well-funded, and accessible post-secondary education is essential to Canada’s ability to flourish post-pandemic. There is no reconstructing without students,” said Nicole Brayiannis, National Deputy Chairperson of the Federation. “Students need tangible, meaningful action on tuition and debt, and we need it now.”

The Just Education for all Canadians is based on the principle that post-secondary education is a fundamental right to all and imperative to Canada’s success as we rebuild from COVID-19.

Through the abolishment of tuition at Canadian colleges and universities, and forgiving existing student loan debts, GPC looks to eliminate barriers and burdens for individuals who pursue a post-secondary education while enabling graduates and student loan borrowers to be successful in a rapidly changing labour market and economy.

GPC’s commitments propose to redirect existing government spending such as tuition tax credits, administration costs of the student loan system, and hundreds of millions of dollars written off every year from uncollected student loans.

The Federation continues to advocate for immediate pandemic relief for all students and recent graduates as well as a non-partisan, national post-secondary strategy that is equitable for all.