OTTAWA – The Canadian Federation of Students stands with faculty, students, workers, and the Greater Sudbury Community who have been affected by the significant cuts to faculty jobs and academic programs at Laurentian University. Academic programs eliminated by Laurentian’s administration included more than forty French-language programs, as well as environmental science, women and gender studies, and Indigenous language and research programs. 

“Thousands of students received news that their program will no longer be available, faculty members are now jobless in a pandemic, and the Greater Sudbury Community is losing a hub for innovation and economic growth,” said Nicole Brayiannis, National Deputy Chair of the Canadian Federation of Students. “Students across Canada are devastated by the loss of faculty positions and academic programming at Laurentian. The negative impacts of these decisions by Laurentian’s administration are yet to be fully understood.” 

Insolvency at the institution comes after years of underfunding for the public post-secondary sector in Ontario and closed-door consultation with the university administration. Despite calls from Laurentian University’s community to protect the institution’s unique mandate as the province’s only bilingual, tri-cultural university in Northern Ontario, no action has been taken by the Ministry of Education or Premier Doug Ford to support the provincial institution with additional funding.

Leaders from the Laurentian University Graduate Students’ Association, Ontario Colleges Universities Faculty Association, the Ontario Confederation of University and Faculty Associates, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, and the Canadian Federation of Students- Ontario continue to call for urgent intervention from provincial and federal governments to release immediate funding to reverse insolvency decisions at Laurentian, protecting 100 faculty jobs and numerous unique programs offered by the university.