OTTAWA – The Canadian Federation of Students condemns Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s request to halt the entry of international students into Ontario. This is an unfounded attack that targets innocent students from being able to continue their studies. With mandatory travel quarantine provisions already in place, international students have a right to return to their institutions and living spaces. As part of this process, institutions should be provided with adequate public funding to ensure that on-campus safety precautions implemented at the start of the pandemic, are able to continue in the upcoming academic year. 

“As campuses discuss the possibility of reopening in the Fall semester, conversations need to be focused on investing in necessary safety precautions, rather than shifting blame to international students,” says Nicole Brayiannis, National Deputy Chairperson.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voiced that no other province has requested this measure. The Federation calls on every level of government to take responsibility for the wellbeing of people living in Canada and invest in protective measures; including permanent paid sick leave, financial support for every person, and wide access across jurisdictions to personal protective equipment materials. 

The Canadian Federation of Students represents over 5300,000 students across the country, including international and domestic students at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels, including full- and part-time students. 


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