Informed, in-depth research on Canada’s post-secondary education sector is a central pillar of our approach to representing and advocating for students across the country. Thorough research serves as the foundation of Federation campaigns and policy recommendations to government. The Federation conducts research on a variety of issues in the post-secondary education sector that affect students, including tuition fees, funding for colleges and universities, access for international students, sexual assault on campus, indigenous education, and more.

Guides & Toolkits

Graduate Students Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Toolkit

The National Graduate Caucus (NGC) of the Canadian Federation of Students engaged in a one-year research project to develop a graduate student mental health toolkit.This toolkit aims to equip graduate students’ communities to evaluate and improve the state of graduate students’ mental health and wellbeing at post-secondary institutions in Canada.

MMIWG2S Calls to Justice Membership Advisory

This guide is to help student organizations implement the Calls for Justice relevant to the post-secondary sector as set out in the final report of the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls.

Anti-Racism Toolkit

This guide is to help students build resources and fight against racism on specifically their campuses. Your organizing teams will meet to organize, discuss and refute white- supremacy, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, colourism both in their interpersonal, collective and systemic forms. 

Know Your Rights Guide

This guide is for you if you identify as Muslim, regardless of your race, ethnicity, sect, gender, sexual orientation or any other identity marker or social status. This guide is also for you if you are sometimes (or often) perceived by others as being Muslim.


Education Justice

The Federation’s 2018 report explains that efforts to eradicate social inequality in our society are intimately linked to the fight for a fully publicly-funded, accessible post-secondary education system.

The Political Economy of Student Debt in Canada

The Federation’s 2017 report explains how the shift from a publicly-funded to a publicly-assisted system of post-secondary education has resulted in a high-tuition, high-debt crisis that discriminates against students who are unable to pay up-front costs, and that carries significant economic and social consequences.

Time to Think Big – The Case for Free Tuition

The Federation’s 2016 report explains that eliminating tuition fees is not only necessary for creating a fair and equitable society, but that it’s also entirely achievable if we learn from our history and build a grassroots movement for fundamental change.

Fact Sheets

Student Debt in Canada

This fact sheet covers the rising level of student debt in today’s generation of post-secondary students. It also examines the impact this debt has on students and the Canadian society.

Sexual Violence on Campuses

This fact sheet examines the gendering of sexual violence and its prevalence in post-secondary institutions as well as the issues victims face when attempting to report their assault.

Tuition Fees for International Undergraduate Students

This fact sheet outlines the root causes of differential post-secondary tuition fees across Canada and explores the impact of international students on the country’s economy.

Post-Secondary Education Tax Credits

This fact sheet is a culmination of research about the federal tax expenditures for post-secondary students and how this contributes to national student debt.

Copyright in the Public Interest

This fact sheet summarizes the purpose behind the Copyright Act and explains why fair dealing will improve learning for post-secondary students across Canada.

Registered Education Saving Plans

This fact sheet provides an overview of the Registered Education Savings Plan and its associated grants. Its also highlights the problems with the program and recommends solutions to ensure it is accessible to those who need it the most.