Wednesday, February 06, 2013
HALFIAX–Today students of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) and supporters marched from NSCAD’s Granville campus to Province House to deliver the Manifesto for a Vibrant, Strong, and Independent NSCAD to the provincial NDP government.
“Students are calling on the NDP government to recognize our Manifesto for a Vibrant, Strong and Independent NSCAD and stop taking actions that undermine the values contained within it,” said Sarah Trower, President of the Students’ Union of NSCAD University (SUNSCAD). “Support for a properly-funded and autonomous NSCAD is only growing amongst the student population. We intend to keep the pressure on the government until we no longer have to fight for our very existence.”
Written by NSCAD students, faculty, and staff, the Manifesto outlines core principles that define the 125-year-old art school and map out a path for its future success. The Manifesto was unanimously approved at a general assembly of NSCAD students and by the faculty and staff unions at the university. On January 24 over 100 students interrupted a NSCAD Board of Governors meeting to present the Manifesto.
“It’s no coincidence that the financial crisis at NSCAD came to a head after years of consecutive budget cuts by the provincial NDP government,” said Elise Graham, Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia. “NSCAD is a pillar of the Nova Scotia arts community and brings students and faculty from across the country and around the world to Halifax. This government needs to recognize the unique nature of a studio-based arts education and fund it appropriately.”
For the past three years the provincial NDP government has announced funding cuts to universities (four, three and three percent respectively). Currently NSCAD receives less funding per-student than other institutions receive for students in threatre, drama, music and journalism.
NSCAD students will continue to hold regular general assemblies to determine future actions to ensure a vibrant, strong and autonomous NSCAD.


Contact: Sarah Trower, President, SUNSCAD
Tel: (902) 494-8132
Contact: Elise Graham, Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 476-7257