The following letter was sent to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco Mendicino et Primer Minister Justin Trudeau to show support for Celina, Roksana and Camilla. You can learn more about their case and how to show support here:

Dear Minister, 

The Canadian Federation of Students would like to support Celina, Roksana, and Camilla Hajrizi on their calls to stop family separation and provide legal status to their family and all refugees across the country that have fallen through the cracks of the immigration system, and who are living in Canada stateless and in precarity. Celina, Roksana, and Camilla are an interfaith, LGBTQ+ Roma family that arrived as refugees in 1997. They have been living in this country for 23 years without being able to acquire official status and now they face deportation to a country where Roksana and Camilla have not been since they were 3 and 2 years of age respectively, and where they do not speak the language. They will be forced to leave their home in Canada, to be strangers in Serbia. Persecution of the Roma community is a real danger in Europe as well as anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments from the gypsy king Nudziu Kozlowski. 

There is no doubt that Celina and her daughters face life threatening danger if their wrongful deportation takes place. Canada prides itself on being a multicultural, welcoming country; however, time and time again it has neglected to provide legal status to the very people that build the multicultural fabric of our society. Your government has recognized the Romani genocide carried by the Nazi regime, and with the rise of white supremacy across the world, it is imperative to provide legal status to refugees arriving here. While Canada took 28,100 refugees last year, refugees without status are still walking the streets without job prospects, education opportunities, nor access to healthcare that are granted to permanent residents and citizens. 

We urge your government to immediately grant permanent residence to Celina, Roksana, and Camilla so that they have the opportunity to enjoy the rights that have been denied to them and to contribute to society in meaningful ways. The Federation supports the call from the Migrant Alliance Network to bring justice to all migrants in Canada by providing permanent residence upon arrival, especially for refugees who have been living in the country for decades without any protection from the state. 


The Canadian Federation of Students