Party Stances

Generation Vote makes up the biggest voting block in Canadian history. That means you are part of a group that could affect the outcome of this election. While not all parties have committed to addressing student issues, it is important to evaluate your choices and make your vote heard at the ballot box on September 20.

Below is a summary of what the parties have on offer as it relates to Generation Vote issues, presented in alphabetical order by party name.

Free Education

This election, students need federal leaders who will take a bold stance in supporting access to education for all students by:

-Investing in a fully public, universal, tuition-free system of post-secondary education governed by a national Post-Secondary Education Act

-Introducing debt alleviation programs for current debt-holders, including eliminating interest rates on all student loans.

  • The Conservative Party of Canada has not committed to any tuition reductions in its platform
  • Increase support for francophone primary and elementary education via the Official Languages in Education Program to reflect demographic growth in the minority francophone student population
  • Promised to give new grads up to $100,000 in tax breaks over the first three years of school
  • Students who graduate as engineers, coders, or in the skilled trades would get a tax exemption of $200,000 over five years
  • Double the Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit for the next three years to help create more places for apprentices
  • Abolish post-secondary tuition and cancel any student debt that exceeded $10,000
  • Extend grant availability to graduate and doctoral students
  • Create green apprenticeship programs for young Canadians
  • The Liberal Party of Canada has not committed to any tuition reductions in its platform
  • The party promises to continue providing larger grants for two more years ($6,000) and spend $721 million to help students find employment
  • Change the repayment assistance program so that graduates won’t have to start repaying loans until they make at least $40,000
  • Eliminate interest on student loans
  • Introduce a targeted student debt forgiveness program for up to $20,000 for those in need, double student grants
  • Long term goal of a universal post-secondary system


Climate Justice and a Liveable Planet

This election, students need federal leaders who will enact bold solutions to the climate crisis, including:

-Bold policies towards decarbonization that limit some of the most lethal and devastating impacts of global climate change for our generation and those to come, while putting justice for Indigenous people, workers, and the poor at the centre of the transition to a green economy.

-A fully-funded post-secondary education system that will ensure effective just transition programs and foster mitigation and adaptation research in all fields of study.

  • Implement carbon border tariffs on China and other major polluters
  • Increase the adoption of zero-emission vehicles
  • Personal Low Carbon Savings Accounts, which Canadians would pay into when they purchase fuel, then be able to access for transit passes or bicycles
  • Ensure a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 60 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, with clear enforceable targets and timelines starting in 2023
  • Achieve net-zero emissions as quickly as possible, while aiming to be net negative in 2050 Cancel all new pipeline projects (beginning with Trans Mountain)
  • Cancel all new oil exploration projects, including in the off-shore
  • End leasing of federal lands for fossil fuel production and retire existing licenses
  • Ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
  • End all subsidies to the fossil fuel sector
  • Phase out existing oil and gas operations, so that they continue on a declining basis with bitumen production phased out between 2030 and 2035
  • Require federal public investment funds (including the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board) to divest from fossil fuels
  • Ensure companies are held accountable for paying for the costs of cleaning up and restoring land, instead of passing these to the public
  • Bring national greenhouse gas emissions to 40 to 45 percent below 2005 levels by the end of the decade
  • Make Canada a net-zero country by 2050
  • Plant two billion trees
  • Set a target of reducing Canada’s emissions by at least 50% from 2005 levels by 2030
  • Work with partners to establish multi-year national and sectoral carbon budgets as a key guiding framework to develop Canada’s path to 2030 and beyond, create and fund a Climate Accountability Office to provide independent oversight of federal climate progress, engage the public, and make recommendations on how to achieve goals
  • End all fossil fuel subsidies and redirect to low carbon initiatives


Indigenous Learners’ Right to Education

This election, students need federal leaders who will take a bold stance in supporting First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students by:

-Fully funding post secondary education for all First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Students

-Investing in Indigenous language programs, including post-secondary institutions

-Enacting Calls for Justice from the report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG2S)

  • Implement Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls 71 through 76, though not all of them
  • Recognize clean drinking water as a human right
  • Aim to reduce suicide with $1 billion in funding to boost mental health programs
  • Build the economy in Canada’s North
  • Implement a Northern Housing strategy, improve Nutrition North, more infrastructure funding
  • Increase investments in Indigenous-led mental health
  • Commit an additional $1.4 billion for a distinction based mental health and wellness strategy with First Nations, Inuit, and the Métis Nation, for a total investment of $2 billion over five years. 
  • Accelerate the implementation of the Federal Pathway to Address Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people
  • Create a standing Federal-Provincial-Territorial table on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people
  • Working with First Nations to ensure that the Indigenous Languages Act continues to be fully implemented, in order to preserve, promote, and revitalize Indigenous languages in Canada, supported with long-term, predictable, and sufficient funding
  • Pledge to fully implement all 94 TRC calls to action and UNDRIP
  • Develop a National Action Plan for Reconciliation and will establish a National Council for Reconciliation
  • Implement the MMIWG Inquiry’s calls for justice


Fairness for International Students

This election, students need federal leaders who will take a bold stance in supporting international students by:

-Ensuring provincial governments provide unrestricted public healthcare access by including this requirement in the Canada Health Act

-Providing stable funding transfers to eliminate all differential fees

-Streamlining immigration pathways

  • The Conservative Party of Canada has not committed to any specific international student tuition reductions in its platform
  • They will create a post-secondary jobs program to help international students stay in Canada
  • Position Canada as a destination of choice for international talent and support post-secondary institutions to welcome international students safely.
  • Reform economic immigration programs to expand pathways to permanent residence for temporary foreign workers and former international students through the Express Entry points system. 
  • Increase diversity by offering language programs to racialized employees and expanding the public service recruitment program to international students and permanent residents.
  • The New Democratic Party of Canada platform does not have any specific commitments related to international students



This election, students need federal leaders who will take a bold stance in supporting all students and young people by:

  • Paying up to 50% of the salary of new hires for six months following the end of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy
  • Extend wage and rent subsidies until COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions are fully lifted
  • Create green jobs training programs for jobs related to ecosystem restoration, particularly for people who have been displaced or severely affected by COVID-19
  • Extend the business hiring program until March 2022
  • Provide the tourism industry with temporary wage and rent support of up to 75% of their expenses through the winter
  • Ten days of paid sick leave
  • Crown corporation for vaccine production
  • $15 minimum wage rising to $20
  • A wealth tax on those who make over $10 million
  • Ten days of paid sick leave

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