No Means No and Consent is Mandatory

Sexual and gender-based violence is pervasive on every college and university campus across the country, with post-secondary students experiencing a disproportionate number of sexual and gender- based assaults compared to the rest of the population. Within the student population, those experiencing intersectional identities also are more likely to experience sexual and gender-based violence. In the face of this violence, college and university administrations often engage in victim blaming and silencing tactics rather than supporting survivors and taking progressive steps to prevent further violence.

The Federation’s long-standing anti-sexual and gender-based violence campaign has been instrumental in raising awareness and shifting the culture surrounding consent, sexual assault and violence against women. However, these forms of violence continue to occur on our campuses and in our communities and our work is far from over. Creating safer campuses that are free from sexual and gender-based violence remains essential to creating barrier-free access to education.