By Sofia Descalzi, National Chairperson

Monday’s elections were the culmination of months of work from students across the country pushing for leaders with bold ideas to bring education for all and climate justice.

We talked to thousands of students about upholding Treaty rights that must grant free education for Indigenous learners, responding to the Calls for Justice from the final report of the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2Spirit People, and introducing First Nations Métis, and Inuit languages and teachings into post-secondary institutions.

We saw international students lining up at symbolic polling stations to voice their concerns about differential fees, healthcare, and immigration and demanding change. Students listed the climate crisis as one of their top priorities and showed up in the hundreds of thousands to the Global Climate Strike chanting for a full transition to a green economy.

We were all united in one voice for free post-secondary education that echoed so strongly that two of the four major political parties committed to fund education for all, something that is no less than a historical shift in the national conversation. We told candidates to dare to think differently, that the time had come to be bold.

Progressive change is boiling and students and youth are at the heart of it. These federal elections are just the beginning of building a future grounded in equity and sustainability where no one gets left behind. Students will keep pushing for bolder policies that will make our campuses are safer and accessible to all, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

For more information on the Canadian Federation of Students’ 2019 Elections Time To Be Bold campaign, click on the links below.