March 18, 2016

We Will RISE

This weekend, more than 200 racialized and Indigenous students are coming together in Scarborough, Ontario – the traditional territory of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nations – for the historic Racialized and Indigenous Students’ Experience Summit of the Canadian Federation of Students.
Throughout the past two years, student activists have been successful in keeping the issue 
of combatting racism and colonialism on campus in the public eye, pressuring colleges and universities to take real action to address historic inequities and structural violence against those who are the most marginalized groups in our society. Despite our collective victories, there is still a lot to do in ensuring that our campuses are safe and supportive spaces for all students. At RISE we will share learn from each other’s victories and challenges, develop intersectional and grassroots strategies to fight racism and colonialism on our campuses and focus on healing.

We are proud to be hosting the following panels and workshops, as well as open organizing spaces for participants of the summit to lead discussions based on their own experiences.

RISE-FB Cover-Bil

Panels and Workshops:

  • Stronger Together: Solidarity between Indigenous and Racailized Communities
  • Self Care: An Act of Resistance
  • Not Your Stereotype
  • Building Tables We’ll Never Have a Seat At: Black Activism in an Anti-Black World
  • Understanding Indigenous Identities: Two-Spirit Teachings
  • Colourism & Shadeism
  • Allyship within Racialized Communities
  • Decolonizing Ourselves
  • Confronting Environmental Racism
  • Nurturing our Mental Health, Protecting Our Well-Being
  • Displacement and Colonization
  • Afrofuturistic Performativity and the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Healing from an Indigenous Perspective
  • Fetishization of Racialized and Indigenous Women
  • Biracialism: Walking Between Two Worlds
  • Islamophoiba
  • Surviving Violence

Many of our presenters are students, survivors and community-based organizers who have been leading the struggle on their own campuses. We’re also thrilled to be welcoming Harsh Wallia, Clayton-Thomas Muller, Tasha Spillett, Lynn Jones and Elder Annie Smith St-Georges and Andre-Robert St-Georges.

Through the development of our national vision to decolonize our campuses, participants will collectively set the agenda that will eradicate racism and colonialism from our schools and from our communities. We will demand from our administrations, campuses that are inclusive, welcoming and safe for all of us to attend. We will demand from our governments a society where our communities can live, flourish and be celebrated.