Let People Vote


Bill C-23, the ironically named “Fair Elections Act” is a bill that will dangerously change how, and if, some Canadians can participate in our democracy. This bill suppresses voters through tactics like making voter identification harder and prohibiting Elections Canada from encouraging Canadians to vote.


Not only is the Fair Elections Act a threat to our democratic rights as Canadians, the Conservative government first attempted to make these changes with zero public consultation.

We believe that this is wrong. All Canadians have a right to vote, and the government should support, not discourage us from participating in our democracy.


Don’t undermine Elections Canada
We, the undersigned — professors at Canadian universities who study the principles and institutions of constitutional democracy — believe that the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23), if passed, would damage the institution at the heart of our country’s democracy: voting in federal elections.Continue Reading
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In normal times, under a normal government, the Fair Elections Act would have been withdrawn by now, or at least be in serious trouble. The past few weeks have seen the bill denounced as a threat to democracy by the chief electoral officer, the former chief electoral officer, several provincial elections officials, academic experts domestic and foreign, and newspaper editorials across the country.Continue Reading
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