Education is a Right

The movement

The fight for public education in Canada is part of a global effort to maintain education as a basic right for all. Around the world, governments are tabling “austerity” budgets containing massive cuts to post-secondary education and other public services.

In country after country, ordinary people are refusing to allow a crisis caused by the deregulation of international markets and corporate greed to threaten the public good. In many cases, students are the ones leading this struggle.

The Education is a Right campaign is the manifestation of students’ collective vision for a well-funded, high-quality, public post-secondary education system that builds a fair, and equitable society.
As part of the Education is a Right campaign students have been meeting with Members of Parliament and Senators, collecting petitions, organising provincial campaigns. Students also organised a national student day of action on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 and continue the fight for accessible education in Canada.


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