February 23, 2017

Students Support Motion M-103 Condemning Islamophobia

Students Support Motion M-103 Condemning Islamophobia

The Canadian Federation of Students is urging MPs to unanimously pass M-103, a motion condemning Islamophobia, recognizing the need to quell an increasingly hateful and fearful public climate, and requesting a government study of systemic racism and religious discrimination. The success of this motion would demonstrate parliament’s commitment to supporting Canadian Muslims against escalating threats and violence.

In the aftermath of the deadly hate crime in Quebec City, the consistent attacks on mosques and recent far-right protest calling for a “ban on Islam” in Toronto, silence from our government is unacceptable. M-103 was tabled in response to a petition signed by almost 70,000 Canadians who recognize that if our elected officials aren’t part of the solution, they’re part of the problem. As students, we know that this problem extends to our campuses, where a number of anti-Muslim incidents have been reported.

Contrary to the misinformation spread by some public figures, M-103 has nothing to do with freedom of speech, and everything to do with taking a stand against racism and Islamophobia. These public figures, including candidates for the Conservative Party leadership supported a similar motion condemning anti-Semitism that was unanimously passed in 2015. Four of these leadership candidates, Kellie Leitch, Chris Alexander, Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux recently spoke at a rally against M-103 organized by the Rebel Media; an organization which has churned out virulent Islamophobic, anti-black, transphobic, and xenophobic propaganda. The rhetoric of these individuals is emboldening the most dangerous alt-right elements of our society, and for this they must be condemned.

Challenge Islamophobia and make your voice heard by getting involved in the campaign to help ensure the motion’s passage. Please call or email your local Member of Parliament, and if you don’t know who that is, use this quick and easy online tool to find out. Taking action only takes a couple of minutes, but our elected officials need to know that standing up against hatred is important to us all.