April 28, 2017

Questionnaire for CPC and NDP Candidates in Leadership Race

Two of Canada’s major national parties, the Conservatives and the NDP, are both in the midst of leadership races. These contests present an opportunity for students to find out more about where those in contention stand on key issues relating to post-secondary education.

In order to get a clearer picture about the candidates’ position on issues including tuition fees, student debt, access for Indigenous learners, combating sexual violence on campuses and federal funding, the Federation has developed a questionnaire for candidates to share their policy proposals.  A similar approach was taken with parties and candidates in the 2015 Federal Election.

To date, the questionnaire has been circulated to all 13 Conservative leadership candidates. NDP contenders will not receive it until the window to enter as a candidate closes.

One of the individuals among those seeking the leadership of their party may end up becoming Prime Minister. If not, opposition parties still have an important platform to highlight issues and alter the political discourse. Leadership candidates need to understand that students deserve answers to the vital questions we’re posing, and that we’ll hold them accountable to their positions.

We encourage you to tweet at leadership candidates to encourage them to complete the survey using the leadership race hashtags #cpcldr and #ndpldr.

You can read the survey questions here! We will share the unedited responses with members once they’ve been received.