February 26, 2017

#BlackOnCampus: Alexa Joy Potashnik

Alexa Joy Potashnik
University of Winnipeg

Being a Black student leader on campus comes with many challenges and rewards. At times you feel like what you’re advocating for goes without notice or seldom recognition. And then there are times when your passions exceed the barriers of the institution and pushes for change in all the right places. Being a Black leader on any university campus is an invaluable role that leaves an imperative mark for Black students across the country.


Alexa Joy Potashnik is the Founder of Black Space Winnipeg, Host of Raw Colours CKUW 95.9FM local vocal percussionist MC Woke and the Racialised Student Commissioner with the Canadian Federation of Students – MB. Alexa was the emcee for the Women’s March On Washington – Winnipeg and her work is heavily involved in creating safe spaces for people of colour while challenging white/male privilege, dominance and supremacy throughout her activism. Alexa continues to push against the status-quo by ensuring there are always platforms for the abjected voices in society.