December 14, 2017

Another Year of Advocacy: 36th Annual National General Meeting

From November 17-20, the Federation held its 36th Annual National General Meeting.

Over the course of the meeting, delegates were able to learn, share and strategize in different spaces. After an inspiring keynote by Robyn Maynard, delegates heard from several student and community activists from all over Canada, as well as the United States, Mexico and Cuba.

Students worked collaboratively in caucus and sub-committee spaces to come to decisions on the final day. Some of the motions passed at the closing plenary included commitments to make donations to relief efforts in Mexico and Puerto Rico, implement the “Reconcili-Action” Campaign, and sponsor anti-fascist workshops and education.

Student delegates from across the country also commemorated the Trans Day of Remembrance. Over 100 students from British Columbia to Newfoundland signed pledge postcards with commitments of tangible action, committing to work together to fight for justice and push for accountability. At the national level, the CFS will continue to run our “Challenge Transphobia” campaign and will continue to develop and advocate for universal access to trans health services. Students at the University of Toronto Students’ Union, Local 98, have taken leadership in action against transphobia by addressing the tenure of Dr. Jordan Peterson, developing this petition to call for his removal. We call on individual members, community allies and locals to sign onto this document.

The pledges included actions such as the following:

  • Implementation of gender neutral washrooms on campus
  • Require all clubs and societies leaders to complete anti-oppression training around transphobia
  • Support financially trans community initiatives
  • Address issues of racism within the LGBTQ+ Resource centre
  • Organize against those who hide behind free speech to dehumanize trans and non-binary individuals
  • Introduce the narratives of trans folks and trans love to [that delegate’s] children and teach them the importance of respecting pronouns and gender identity
  • Creation of a trans advisory committee to offer opportunities specifically for trans and non-binary individuals to get involved
  • Fight for the creation of a trans resource centre on campus
  • Ensure all union policies use gender-inclusive language
  • Sit down with [that delegate’s] friends and talk to them about transphobia
  • Campaign to remove binary gender option from college forms and identification
  • Address trans-exclusionary feminism on campus through a campaign about transphobia
  • Hold an anonymous consultation on the impact of transphobia on current trans members
  • Create a trans-specific position on the student council
  • Hire trans artists and workers for union businesses

Finally, students came together to elect the National Executive for the upcoming year:

National Treasurer: Trina James

National Deputy Chairperson: Jade Peek

National Chairperson: Coty Zachariah

We look forward to another great year with a fantastic team of executives and student representatives!